Online Class- Full checklist for a school

Online Class- Full checklist for a school

Current Problems
1. Schools will be closed physically for the next many months because of Covid. 
2. Fees collection is less
3. There is a lack of trust between school and parents regarding quality of teaching 
4. There is no proper way to measure learning output of stduents 
5. There is a lack of frequent communication between students, parents, teachers and school 

1. We need to do online classes through Scientific Study, ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft team 
2. We need to communicate teaching output to parents on a regular basis
3. We need to do frequent Parent-teacher meetings through ZOOM

Prerequisites for Online classes
1. Bring teachers & students online on Phone APP. Send "User id and Password" to students through SMS
2. Send the "HelpDesk portal" to students so they can get all details about your school's online System.  
3. Instruct students on How to take online classes
4. Train your teachers for ZOOM, Scientific Study APP. Improve the digital skills of teachers. 
5. Buy necessary software for fun and attractive classes for example - Prezi, Loom

Checklist for an online class
Checklist For Teachers - 
1. Teachers needs to know basics of ZOOM / Google Meet  Example - How to schedule a meeting, Security of Zoom
2. Teachers needs to know basics of online class
3. Teachers needs to install and use Scientific Study Phone App
Checklist For School- 
1. Give training of ZOOM to teachers 
2. Give training of "Scientific study APP" to teachers 
3. Bring all students online on phone app. Send user ID and Password to stduents 
4. Send "Help Desk portal" link to stduents. you can find helpdesk portal of student in 
Login as school admin --> Go to configuration --> Settings --> Helpdesk For Parents
How to Take Online Classes through Scientific study?

Pillars of Online Class
What to do?

  1. Announce "Online class" through news in ERP 
  2. Send a broadcast message to students, this will appear in the "Home" page of phone app. 
  3. Send a broadcast message about HELP-DESK portal of school to students so they can get help with login, phone app, school key, articles on Exam, Online classes. 
  4. Use Chat module of Phone app

Schedule & Start Classes

  1. Login as a teacher or a school admin, Go to "My Classroom". Schedule an online class for your Grade and subject
  2. Send a notification to students about scheduled classes through "My Classroom". this will send a notification to all phone APP users
  3. Start your classes through My Classroom". 
  4. Attendance will be marked automatically for teachers and students 
  5. Assign Homework
Online Class Reporting to parents 

  1. Teachers can send appreciation or negative comments to parents for learning of students through "My Classroom"
  2. Teachers can send the weekly broadcast message to parents about the progress of learning 
  3. We are bringing a platform for automated weekly teaching progress updates to parents. Timeline- 30th May
Online Class Reporting to Management 

  1. School management can see all reports in "My Classroom" for all classes, attendance of teachers and students, absent students for all months 

Top 10 tips for teachers for online classes

1. Open zoom Phone App 5 minutes before the scheduled class. Test internet speed, webcam, Audio and speaker. 
2. Create a class teaching material for a scheduled class
3. Create homework before class so you can easily assign during class
4. Set the Agenda of your class
5. Look at the camera to create eye contact with your students
6. Speak slowly and refer same on your screen 
7. Keep question and Answer session at the end of class
8. Set default of Zoom - Turn off camera of students, Mute all students, Unmute on need, Do not allow students to share their screen in zoom meeting. 
9. Take attendance of students on chat module of Scientific Study or ZOOM chat screen 
10. Close all other apps before class on your phone and laptop. Open Google chrome in private mode for classes. 

Download online 
Teachers can get online content from many websites.  Find on google

Create your own 
Teachers can create their own online content with white papers, colorful sktech pens and upload to Learning managment system of our ERP

Teaching Tools 
1. Prezi -  - Rs 5000 for 1 licenese for 1 year 
2. getcloudapp -   Rs 600 per month for 1 user 
3. Loom - Record unlimited video and share with students  - Rs 600 per month for 1 user 

Webinar video 

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